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International Women’s Day: How Are Women Doing In Tech?
Mar 08, 2016
UK IT tech industry leaders share their views on how far - or how far we still need to go - we've come on this vital topic.
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Brits Tell Pollsters They LIKE Snooper's Charter
Feb 26, 2016
According to a new poll conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Comparitech.com, majority of us believe the government should be able to monitor mass communications when it comes to national security...
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Opinion: Capitalise On G-Cloud By Getting Certified
Feb 25, 2016
It might surprise you to know that more than £900m worth of sales have now taken place via the G-Cloud platform since its launch, says Monica Brink, EMEA Marketing Director, land - but there are things to tick off before you join in yourself.
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G-Cloud Breaks Billion Pound Barrier
Feb 12, 2016
Digital Marketplacehas reached £1 billion in sales, it was recently announced.
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Figures Suggest Big Upsurge In Outsourcing
Feb 10, 2016
During the first half of 2015, one might have said that outsourcing in the UK has seen better days - but by the end of the year, a total of £5.67bn of UK such agreements got inked.
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Sector Reacts To Sweeping new EU Data Protection Rules

Following last month's news that the European Union (EU) has agreed strict rules on data protection, various industry professionals have offered their thoughts.

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Life in The Digital Marketplace, 2: 8x8, Aylesbury

In the second in our series looking at options for the UK public sector tech supply chain off the former CloudStore, we meet the UK MD of VoIP firm 8x8 Solutions, Kevin Scott-Cowell.

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Brits To Cloud: Yeah... Kinda


Adoption of cloud for key business applications is extremely widespread in the UK, but there is no uniform or consistent approach to procurement or strategy among UK companies, says new research.

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What Can We Do To Promote STEM Interest In Teens?

Regina Moran, CEO of Fujitsu UK & Ireland, is the latest to share her predictions for the tech sector in 2016, highlighting some of the things she wants to see happen in the new year.

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Opinion: Is Blockchain Really Going To Change The Finance World?


“Blockchain is ready to take centre stage”, declared a recent Goldman Sachs report - just one of many indications that this virtual system has captured the attention of the financial services industry.

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