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Office 365 Enterprise Going To Cost You A Heck of A Lot More
Office 365 Enterprise E5 replaces Enterprise E4, which will be dropped by June 2016, and will cost £261.60 annually per user compared to £193.20 for its predecessor.
Adobe Considering "Case By Case" Basis Compensation Following Cloud Outage
If your business was seriously hit by last week’s prolonged Creative Cloud downtime, you might get some compensation from Adobe.
Amazon Eyeing Microsoft For Corporate Email Service
Amazon is about to enter the corporate email market currently dominated by Google and Microsoft.
Amazon Touts New AWS Appliance
Amazon has revealed a pretty substantial piece of hardware for transferring large amounts of data to the cloud. Step forward 'Amazon Snowball.'
Apptio Claims Cloud Standards First
The Technology Business Management Unified Model, or ATUM, is aimed at standardising IT cost and data models, says the firm.
AWS Claims Cloud Computing Is "New Normal" For Enterprises
Cloud computing is growing at such a pace that it is becoming the “new normal” with businesses and enterprises turning to it without giving a second thought to on-premise offerings. Read more: Demystifying cloud computing jargon: A guide to understanding the future of IT infrastructure Amazon Web Services [AWS], one of the world’s largest cloud...
Azure Taken Down By Series Of Issues
Customers in Japan, the US and Brazil were worst affected by outages that hit all facets of the cloud service - and which made complete parts of the service unavailable for hours at a time.
Beating Cloud Sprawl
Today's hybrid environments often result in incongruent information sourcing and storage, typically known as cloud sprawl. So how do you know if you've got it, and how can you beat it?
Big Blue May Have Figured Out Way To Lodge Cloud Data Where You Want It
IBM's new cloud technology could allow organisations to comply with the data regulations in multiple countries by letting them choose where their data is stored.
Big Blue Reveals Sluggish Third Quarter Performance
IBM has posted disappointing financial figures, with revenue falling more than expected and profit forecasts cut.
Call For “UK Financial Services Cloud” By RBS Official
The UK banking sector requires either a government or industry created “UK financial services cloud,” according to Alan Grogan, chief analytics officer at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).
Can G-Cloud Services Take Over The World?
Campbell Williams of Six Degrees Group chatted to us about why G-Cloud services are still so unpopular amongst government bodies.
Can We Avoid Getting Cloud­ified?
If someone asked me, can any enterprise or organisation in the Western World avoid cloud?’, my response would be ’no!
CIOs Must Separate Strategy From Tactics When It Comes To Cloud
It's hard to imagine a conversation that happens between C-Level enterprise executives without 'the cloud' coming up, but everyone seems to be sharing a different opinion on IT's changing landscape.
CIOs Only Have 60% Of Cloud Budget Under Their Control
Rest firmly in hands of the business, says a new joint 451 Research-Verizon global study into cloud take up.
Cisco Spends $1bn On Interconnected Cloud Project
It wants to build a network that is able to handle the growing demands that the Internet of Everything is expected to place on data centres across the planet.
Cloud Backup Causes Concern For European SMEs
Almost 60 per cent of companies in Western Europe cited security as a major concern when it comes to backing up data in the cloud.
Cloud Computing Likened To Running A Restaurant
Richard Garsthagen, director of cloud business development for EMEA at Oracle, spoke at Internet World 2014 about how to exploit the cloud to grow your business.
Cloud Could Be As ‘Big As Computing’
The cloud revolution could be as big as that created by the impact of data processing on business itself, industry experts have claimed.
Cloud Industry Will Be Worth $107bn By 2017
The cloud computing industry is set to more than double its estimated worth of $47.4bn (£28.72bn) in 2013, to $107bn (£64.82bn) by 2017, according to research firm IDC.

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