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Big Data's Contribution To Mapping The Human Genome
One of the most incredible uses of Big Data technology we saw in 2014 was genetic scientists leveraging Big Data technology to sequence the human genome faster.
Does The UK Have Enough Big Data Nous?
Time to switch specialisms? The average pay packet for big data professionals has reached £55,000 – 24% more than the average IT position, says SAS.
Here Comes The Mother Of All 2016 Tech Forecasts!
The folks at CAST Software have some rather interesting ideas.
How Do Businesses Actually Use Big Data Today?
There was a lot of talk this year about how Big Data was going to change the face of business and the changes we’re going to see in the future thanks to Big Data.
Intel To use Big Data To Combat Parkinson's
Choip giant teams with Michael J. Fox Foundation to offer a combination of wearable tech and back end database to track changes in symptoms.

Understanding the risks and rewards of public sector cloud 

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