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"Abysmal" EU Cloud Adoption Dates Revealed
  The growth in high-speed internet connectivity across Europe, the increasing adoption of cloud services, the consumerisation of IT and the move towards mobile working are trends that, in theory, play to the strengths of SMBs.
"Let Users Decide Over Data" Says Germany To Google
A privacy watchdog for Hamburg, who was speaking on behalf of the entire country, has ruled that Google needs to allow users further control of how data is aggregated.
Apple's Irish Offshore Tax Arrangements To Be Revealed
Brussels is expected to release the findings of its investigation today - with sources suggesting that it will find Apple guilty of receiving "illegal" state assistance.
BBC To Publish List Of Articles Removed From Google Under Right To Be Forgotten
The head of editorial policy at the BBC, David Jordan, told a meeting convened by Google that the company will produce a list of articles that have been removed from the search engine.
Bitcoin ATMs May Be Coming To Greek Cities
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin has shot up in popularity in the troubled country, as Greeks attempt to find ways round a breaking economy.
Brussels Inks Big Service Deal With BT
Under two new contracts, BT is set to bring both public and private cloud to 52 major EU institutions including the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Defence Agency.
Brussels Says We've All Misunderstood 'Right To Be Forgotten'
The EU's Justice Commissioner hits back at critics of the controversial Google case.
Brussels Unhappy Again With Google's Data Policies
A new case could begin as early as November - and the EU has already sent out questionnaires to companies that have worked with Google on Android.
EC Wants A Unified Digital Market
Digital technologies are borderless in nature, so it makes no sense for the European Union to impose them, said the European Commission (EC).
EU And China Huawei Row Comes To Resolution
China has agreed to discuss limiting the amount of support or state aid that it gives companies in exchange for the EU not imposing sanctions on exports from the country.
EU Discussing More Flexible Legal Frameworks For Sharing Data
The European Union (EU) is set to review and revise existing data privacy laws which is set to have an impact on how healthcare organisations manage and share personal data.
EU Gathers Cybercrime Experts For Global Security Team
The EU's crime defence arm, Europol, has announced the formation of J-CAT, a global cybersecurity taskforce dedicated to dealing with "top-end [cyber] crimes."
EU Partners Up With Japan To Develop 5G Connectivity
5G online connectivity could be coming sooner rather than later after the European Union and Japan agreed to collaborate on developing the technology.
EU Regulators Push For "Right To Be Forgotten" To Go Global
European privacy regulators have stated their intention to apply the “right to be forgotten” rule to the rest of the globe.
EU Releases Cost-Saving Superfast Broadband Plan
The European Commission (EC) has signed a document containing measures intended to cut costs in the rollout of superfast broadband across the EU.
Europe Set To End Roaming Charges By 2017
After years of hard negotiations, European lawmakers have finally agreed to scrap roaming charges in the Union.
European Commission Wants Cloud Services Framework
The European Commission (EC) is tendering for a framework in which it will acquire its first cloud services.
Facebook And The Battle Against European Data Collection
Facebook is about to enter a major case against “Europe” over the collection of European citizen’s data under the “PRISM” programme.
Google Already Receiving Link Removal Requests Over “Right To Be Forgotten”
Immediately following an EU court ruling in favour of people’s “right to be forgotten” in search results, Google has received requests from a politician and a paedophile.
Google Data Removal Requests Beginning To Decline
Google has updated its Transparency Report for the Jun. 2013 to Dec. 2013 period, and has also simplified the user interface for the website, offering more information on data removal requests from governments.

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