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Cloud Surveys Reveals Shadow IT Dangers
A new report has once again pointed out the extent of shadow IT usage (apps and services which are used by employees without the knowledge or clearance of the IT department).
Opinion: Is Blockchain Really Going To Change The Finance World?
Tony Virdi, VP and Head of Banking & Financial Services in the UK & Ireland for tech consultancy Cognizant, assesses the stuff's 2016 prospects.
Research Claims 87% Of People Haven't Heard Of IoT
According to a new report, titled "The Internet of Things: The Future of Consumer Adoption," the biggest barrier to the growth of the IoT is that most people have not heard the term before.
What Did The Cloud Look Like At The End Of 2014?
There have been several key buzzwords in 2014, with ‘Cloud’ perhaps being one of the most popular. This has been highlighted by the fact that cloud adoption has grown significantly, with several trends emerging throughout the year.
Windows 10 Set For Adoption By 73% Of IT Pros
A total of 73 per cent of IT professionals will deploy Windows 10 within the first two years, a new report by Spiceworks shows.

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