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"Let Users Decide Over Data" Says Germany To Google
A privacy watchdog for Hamburg, who was speaking on behalf of the entire country, has ruled that Google needs to allow users further control of how data is aggregated.
“Get Up To Speed With The EU” Says Lord Erroll
The Earl Of Erroll, Independent Crossbench Peer at the House of Lords, has urged the public sector to take note of changing EU laws surrounding online business.
'87% Of UK CIOs' Threatened By GDPR Claim
Egress Software Technologies announced today its findings of a CIO survey, which has highlighted a lack of confidence in IT systems designed to protect sensitive data when shared with third parties in compliance with EU Regulations. [see_also] In fact, the survey revealed that the majority of respondents, which amounted to 87 per cent, admitted concerns that...
AVG Calls For New IoT Legislation To Protect Children
The antivirus company wants laws to be drawn up that place stiffer controls over data that is collected covertly from devices being used by children.
Brodie Notes Version Of Safe Harbour Dispute
The legal wrangling between US corporations and the EU over the transfer of user data could potentially have huge consequences for individuals and businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. Get caught up, if this is all news to you.
BYOD "Flourishing" As Company Data "Grows Wings"
Pick up any business or technology publication and you’ll read about how BYOD (bring your own device) raises a number of data protection concerns due to the fact that devices are owned by the user rather than the employer.
Consumers Don't Trust Companies To Protect Their Data, Says ICO
Consumers are increasingly worried about the potential abuse of their personal data, and whether the organisations which store it are doing so in a secure manner.
Consumers Lack Trust In Retailers To Keep Data Safe From Hackers
New research shows a lack of trust in brick and mortar retailers as well as an increased thirst to be made aware when suspicious activity takes place on an account.
EU Discussing More Flexible Legal Frameworks For Sharing Data
The European Union (EU) is set to review and revise existing data privacy laws which is set to have an impact on how healthcare organisations manage and share personal data.
Facebook 'Illegal Tracking' Claim
Social media giant facing a great deal of heat in the European Union, where many countries are concerned with the ways in which the site collects data and in how it uses cookies to track users.
Government “Second Least Secure Sector”
Government is the second least secure sector when it comes to protecting information, accounting for 11% of all records lost or stolen from April to June this year, claims new research.
ICO Addresses Concerns About UCAS Application Form
The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has ruled that the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application form must be changes following concerns over marketing practices.
ICO Issues New Data Protection Guidelines For UK Data Firms
A list of various rules has been provided that cover how big data is handled in relation to the Data Protection Act including guidelines on the anonymisation of data.
ICO Praises NHS Trusts’ Attitudes Towards Data Protection
The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has praised Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust and Solent NHS Trust for the way they handle data protection and security.
ICO Slams UK Police Forces In Audit
An Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) audit of 17 UK Police forces found just one of these met the criteria to receive the highest rating for data protection compliance.
ICO Slams Wolverhampton Over Data Protection Training Failure
Wolverhampton City Council has received criticism from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after it was revealed the authority was failing to complete data protection training.
ICO Warns Local Government Must Improve Data Protection
A new report from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) claims that there is “room for clear improvement” in how local authorities comply with the Data Protection Act.
National Healthcare Data Guardian Appointed
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has appointed Dame Fiona Caldicott to a new role as National Data Guardian for health and care.
New Data Rules: Are You Prepared?
Intralinks, a SaaS provider, has just published a report revealing that global businesses are set to review their business strategies in Europe in light of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
NHS Scotland Staff Violate Data Protection Laws 634 Times
NHS workers in Scotland have continually violated data protection controls over the past three years with over 500 instances of abuse of the system recorded in that timeframe including an image of a patient posted onto Facebook.

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