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2015: Five Security Trends To Worry About And Five Not To
“As security professionals we spend a lot of our time looking for trouble and expecting the worst and in 2014, there were lots of vulnerabilities and threats.
Android Apps Carrying Malware, Warn Experts
Google Play remains a relatively safe environment, though, with the real threats coming from third-party app stores.
Ask The Expert: 4. What's The Future Of The Security Industry?
Security expert David Em lets us in on why the new landscape of privacy violation by government agencies could mean a fragmentation of the Internet, and the implications that would have.
Ask The Expert: 5. What's The Future Of Mobile Security?
Cyber criminals today are using mobile malware to steal business secrets, and it’s up to you to keep your personal data and the data of your business secure. Security expert David Em tells us how.
BAE Systems Acquires SilverSky To Intend Cloud Security Portfolio
BAE Systems has announced that its purchase of cloud security firm SilverSky has been finalised for £144.4 million.
Blackout In Turkey Sparks Cyber Attack Fears
Iran is now believed to be responsible for the blackout that, on 31 March, plunged over 40 million people into darkness in Turkey for over 12 hours.
Businesses Need To Teach All Employees About Cybersecurity (And Blow Their Own Trumpets)
Every employee in an organisation needs to know about cybersecurity, according to David Jones, the head of the BBC's information security team.
Businesses Still Failing To Hit Fundamentals Of Security
Companies are still failing to properly protect themselves from potential attacks and hackers, with security not being given enough weight of consideration.
CERT Warning Over New Backoff PoS Malware
The freshly spotted malware is very much under the radar of current antivirus engines, and it can scrape customer data such as credit card details from PoS systems.
China Claims It Was Hacked By Foreign IT Powers
A Chinese state-run newspaper has claimed that an overseas malware attack was responsible for Web snags
Cyber Criminals Using Hotel Wi-Fi To Compromise High Level Executives
Kaspersky Lab has uncovered a highly sophisticated scam which has been slurping sensitive data from top-level execs in luxury hotels for at least four years.
Dealing With Threats To e-Commerce Websites
The majority of website attacks against SMEs remain undetected because of the high level of sophistication of these attacks, as well as the low level of security awareness among the victims.
Defeating The Three Most Common EPoS Enemies
Retail and hospitality industries are particularly susceptible to corporate compromises via their EPoS systems. These attacks can be greatly reduced by taking a few simple precautions.
Does The Boardroom Create A Barrier To Better Security?
The importance of security varies depending on your role at an organisation, but it's those who occupy the boardroom who hold all of the keys.
Ensuring Your Business Data Is Safe From Insider Threats
Although you may trust your employees, a rogue member of staff or disillusioned co-worker has the potential to create immeasurable damage to your organisation.
FBI Alerts Storage Company LaCie Of Year Long Data Breach
French storage company LaCie, which counts security encryption products among its portfolio, has warned customers that it may have been breached by hackers for an entire year.
FireEye Explains Their New Security Operating System Release And The Drawbacks Of Signature Based Defences
Greg Day, VP and CTO of FireEye explains the background behind the FireEye Inc. company, their operating system and the security concerns their latest release hopes to address.
Forget The Monster Under Your Bed - Fear The 'Man In The Cloud' Instead
Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive may be open to attack by hackers able to access content on the cloud without needing any usernames or passwords, claims a security firm.
G Data Offering Regin Malware Detection Tool
The latest prominent malware threat to pop up, Regin, has been causing quite a stir over the last few weeks.
Government Reveals Investment To Protect UK From Malware
Funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Innovate UK is set to support the development of the Centre for Secure Information Technology (CSIT).

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