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4G Over Twice As Fast As 3G Mobile Broadband Speeds, Says Ofcom
Ofcom has published some new research into mobile surfing speeds, in its first look at the mobile landscape since the 4G auction and subsequent super-fast rollouts across the UK.
A Million Countryside Users 'Shut Out' Of Broadband Britain
Remote areas in upper Scotland, Wales and some rural areas in England are kept out of the Internet due to poor broadband speed and consistency, confirms new report.
Aberdeen Becomes Scotland’s First Gigabit City
Aberdeen is now home to Scotland’s first Gigabit City – a project that aims to provide areas in need with fibre network infrastructure.
Average UK Connection Speed Better Than You Might Think
All European countries surveyed recently experienced a quarterly increase in average connection speeds, with double digit gains being posted by Norway (15%) and the UK (10%). But in the UK, year-over-year - 21%, says Akamai.
Britons Confused By Fancy Broadband Buzzwords
Here’s a message to broadband providers across the UK: your customers have no idea what you’re talking about.
Broadband Customers Trapped By £600 'Cancellation Fees'
A charity has revealed the extent of a broadband based con that has been legally swindling customers out of hundreds of pounds in “cancellation fees.”
Broadband Is Major Factor In Successful Start-Ups
Broadband is central to almost all businesses in the UK and choosing the right ISP can become a major factor in a successful start up.
Broadband Isn't Fast Enough For Browsing, Say A Third Of Rural Residents
And plenty of folks are unhappy with the monopoly BT has been given when it comes to delivering broadband out to the sticks.
Broadband Voucher Scheme Attracting SME Interest, Says Government
£150m Super Connected Cities Scheme for 22 UK cities in order to develop a digital infrastructure seems to be going well, says DCMS.
BT Claims Broadband Success With 3 Million Fibre Customers
BT published its financial results for Q4 and the full year running up to the end of March – with revenue for the year dipping 2 per cent to £17.8 billion – and the company also laid out a number of facts and figures concerning its broadband rollout.
BT Criticised For Inflated Rural Broadband Costs
BT has been heavily criticised for “vastly overestimating” its rural broadband costs by more than £90 million.
BT Trials To Bring Super Speed Broadband To UK
BT has announced that it will begin trialling technology in the UK this summer, the system it hopes will transform the country’s superfast broadband into ultrafast.
BT Hints At Intriguing New Copper Wire Version Of Broadband
Can a connection of 1Gbps can be achieved by using a mixture of fibre optic and good old fashioned 1800s technology?
BT In Telefonica Talks To Acquire O2
BT has confirmed that it is in talks with O2 and one other UK mobile network operator to acquire the services required to enable it to eventually launch its own branded network.
BT Is "Stifling" London’s Growth With "Unaffordable Broadband"
The City of London has claimed that BT's lack of high-speed broadband in the square mile is blocking the capital city's growth - an accusation that will be sure to raise hackles.
BT 'Lacklustre' Broadband Rollout Comes Under Attack
Millions still without any Internet connection and slower speeds than promised, say critics.
BT Offers Affordable Broadband To Social Housing Tenants
UK telecoms giant BT is set to offer social housing tenants low cost Broadband connections with the launch of a new shared Internet service.
BT Price Hike Will Have ‘Big Impact On Family Finances’
Household phone and broadband bills are set to rise by up to 6.5 per cent with BT stating that its tariffs for low income households aren’t affected by the rise.
BT Sees Dip In Q1 Revenue
BT has just revealed its latest figures for the quarter running up to the end of June, and while revenue dipped, profit was up.
BT Set To Acquire EE For £12.5bn
BT Group has entered “exclusive negotiations” with wireless operator EE, in what could be one of the biggest wireless acquisitions ever in the UK.

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