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A Special London 'Loft' To Boost Coder Interest In Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services is making a big push here, with this new facility so close to 'Silicon Roundabout.'
150 London Underground Stations Gain Wi-Fi Access
Virgin Media has today announced the addition of six more stations across the capital, bringing the service that it launched two years ago up to the landmark figure.
Accenture Wins Major Police Outsourcing Contract
Management consulting services company Accenture has been selected to manage applications for the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), the company announced on Monday.
Angry London Tech City Startups Criticise Broadband
According to startups, London’s blooming technology scene is being stifled by a frustratingly easy problem to fix: Poor Internet connection services.
Are IT Professionals Leaping Ahead In The Salary Stakes?
If you want to earn more money than your friends, consider a career in tech, with median gross annual earnings for tech specialists in 2014 were £36,600 - 35% above what other careers bring in.
Banks Must Be More Agile If They Are To Keep Up With Tech City Startups
Closer collaboration between Silicon Roundabout’s technology startups and the banking sector is set to occur, according to a new report by Accenture.
Broadband Voucher Scheme Attracting SME Interest, Says Government
£150m Super Connected Cities Scheme for 22 UK cities in order to develop a digital infrastructure seems to be going well, says DCMS.
BT Is "Stifling" London’s Growth With "Unaffordable Broadband"
The City of London has claimed that BT's lack of high-speed broadband in the square mile is blocking the capital city's growth - an accusation that will be sure to raise hackles.
Case Study: Croydon Council Goes Paperless Without Compromising Security
The London Borough of Croydon Council has adopted a secure file transfer solution which has allowed it to transition to a new, modern, paperless office environment.
City of London Police Displays Warning Ads On Illegal Sites
It is warning customers to close the window on sites that are under investigation for breaching copyright and file sharing services form the brunt of those targeted.
Competition Begins For Greater London PSN Framework
The tendering process for a pan-London public sector procurement framework, worth up to £200m, has begun.
Computacenter And Fujistu Awarded TfL Contract
Transport for London (TfL) has awarded a group of suppliers a contract to provide it with ICT and installation works underneath a framework agreement.
Contactless Payments Finally Rolled Out On London Tube Network
This means passengers with a contactless bank card can ditch the Oyster Card system. Transport for London will accept all UK-issued contactless cards.
Could We Finally See The 'UK Google' Out Of The New Digital Catapult Centre?
A new Kings Cross location hopes to foster collaboration between entrepreneurs, SMEs, academia, researchers and industry.
Cyclists Testing New Traffic Lights System In London
London is looking for new ways to tackle city congestion.
Eliminate Blame Culture From Small Teams
Tim Lennox, managing director of digital entertainment at Sainsbury's, spoke at Internet World 2014 about how to keep your small team advantage going even within a larger organisation.
Everyone's Favourite Tech City? Dear Old London-Town
London is seen as one of the top three technology hubs in the world, next to New York and San Francisco, we're being told.
Government Halts £50m Tech City Regeneration Grant
Regeneration plans, including the construction of a civic centre with a 400-seater auditorium, have been put on hold after the government withdrew the money set aside for the scheme.
Gov't Goes Back To SME Broadband Voucher Scheme Drawing Board
Poor business take up of grants to boost high-speed 'Net access has led to fixes, including a totally revamped website.
Hackney Seeking HR And Payroll System
The London Borough of Hackney is tendering for a new HR and payroll solution with a potential contract value of £2.7m.

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