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A 'Next Gen Skills Academy' May Help UK's Vital Creative Industries Sector
UK Commission for Employment and Skills is collaborating with the likes of Sony and Ubisoft on the project - which has is kicking off with a £6.5m government grant, too.
A Third Of UK Smartphone Users Never Download An App
According to a report by Deloitte, the rise in the number of over 50 smartphone users is to blame for the decline in the average number of monthly downloads.
Cloud Backup Causes Concern For European SMEs
Almost 60 per cent of companies in Western Europe cited security as a major concern when it comes to backing up data in the cloud.
Could We Finally See The 'UK Google' Out Of The New Digital Catapult Centre?
A new Kings Cross location hopes to foster collaboration between entrepreneurs, SMEs, academia, researchers and industry.
GCHQ 'Scanned Entire Countries' Claim
The UK’s spy agency probed entire soveriegn nations' Internet infrastructures for server weaknesses so it could exploit vulnerable ports.
Government To Public: We Need Your Digital Help!
Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey has called on public and industry to share their ideas on how the UK’s digital revolution can be taken to the next stage.
Gov't Goes Back To SME Broadband Voucher Scheme Drawing Board
Poor business take up of grants to boost high-speed 'Net access has led to fixes, including a totally revamped website.
Is The UK Losing Out On £9BN Worth Of 'Smart' Savings?
How? By businesses failing to utilise smart technology appropriately in their organisation and consumers' lack of understanding of how smart tech could benefit them, claims Samsung.
January 2015 Target For UK 'Driverless' Cars
£10m worth of funding has been put aside by the government to facilitate the trials, with interested cities needing to apply by October.
London's Tech Sector Is Attracting Big Money
If  you want to earn big money in the IT business, take your start-up to London.
Poll: UK Citizens Unhappy About Lack Of Data Ownership
Almost nine in ten (89 per cent) of us think they should be able to control what data a company collects about them online, and what it uses this data for, according to findings from a YouGov online survey on behalf of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.
Sage 50 Accounts Software Jumps Into The Cloud
The new service part of the "biggest changes" ever brought to the popular business software.
UK Businesses Putting Themselves In Danger With Lack Of Innovation
UK business leaders struggle to innovate on a broader scale, a new global study suggests.
UK Spaceport Gets The Go Ahead
The UK is getting its first commercial spaceport very soon.
UK Start-Up: 'We Have Solution To Challenge Of Digital Skills Training'
Kuato's director of learning and managing director, David Miller and Mark Horneff, explain how the UK can take full benefit of the technological job explosion.
UK Takes Top Spot In Data Transparency Study
The Unted Kingdom is the world leader in data transparency, a recent report suggests.

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