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Banks Must Be More Agile If They Are To Keep Up With Tech City Startups
Closer collaboration between Silicon Roundabout’s technology startups and the banking sector is set to occur, according to a new report by Accenture.
Everyone's Favourite Tech City? Dear Old London-Town
London is seen as one of the top three technology hubs in the world, next to New York and San Francisco, we're being told.
FinTech Is Starting To Move Beyond Payments As Innovation Focus
According to new market research, payment solutions market has reached a maturity point, and new start-ups are looking at new areas, new data suggests.
Government Halts £50m Tech City Regeneration Grant
Regeneration plans, including the construction of a civic centre with a 400-seater auditorium, have been put on hold after the government withdrew the money set aside for the scheme.
Government To Public: We Need Your Digital Help!
Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey has called on public and industry to share their ideas on how the UK’s digital revolution can be taken to the next stage.
London Charging Ahead In Global Tech Hub Race?
There are more tech talents in London than any other major city in the world, a new survey claims, with the number of tech companies in London expected to rise to 51,500 by 2025.
London Tech Firms Raking In Extra Cash Via Subletting
Large companies such as WeWork, The Office Group and Avanta now specialise in sizeable spaces that can be rented out to entrepreneurs and small companies as the London startup community seek solutions to the problem of scarce, expensive office space.
London's Tech Start-Ups Get £35m Government Investment
The UK government has announced the launch of the London Co-Investment Fund (LCIF) in order to address the funding gap faced by the capital’s tech startups.
Opinion: Is FinTech This Year's 'Dot Com Bubble'?
Mike Laven, CEO at Currency Cloud, says it's great that this is valued at $12.4bn. He just wonders how long it can last.
Opinion: Let's Not Let London's Tech Promise Wither On The Vine
Tech in London is booming, says Fiona Twycross, Chair of the London Assembly Economy Committee. But that doesn't mean we don't have a lot more to do...
Opinion: The Reality Of The London Tech SME Funding Dance
For one such CEO, Intent HQ's Jonathan Lakin, it's best to focus on what really matters. Read his opinion article to find out more.
Silicon Roundabout Densely Packed With IT Presence
We all knew East London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ is home to a lot of tech firms, but just how popular is this tiny corner of the UK? The answer is - a lot more than you might expect, according to research by Stirling Ackroyd.

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