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Bitcoin ATMs May Be Coming To Greek Cities
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin has shot up in popularity in the troubled country, as Greeks attempt to find ways round a breaking economy.
Is Bitcoin Coming To A Barclays ATM Near You Soon?
High St stalwart will start testing Bitcoin as it looks into the potential of the cryptocurrency for online banking, charity support and other use cases, it seems.
Opinion: Is Blockchain Really Going To Change The Finance World?
Tony Virdi, VP and Head of Banking & Financial Services in the UK & Ireland for tech consultancy Cognizant, assesses the stuff's 2016 prospects.
Opinion: Is The Age Of Digital Espionage Upon Us?
Digital transformation is shaking up the finance industry, says Alistair Tooth, Director of Product Marketing (Cloud Security), EMEA, Akamai Technologies.
Osborne Fails To Mention Bitcoins In 2015 Budget Speech
Rumours that the UK Chancellor George Osborne would announce new approvals and regulations regarding the cryptocurrency Bitcoin appear to be misguided, with the Chancellor making no mention of the currency in his 2015 budget speech.

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