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G-Cloud 5 Extended As Sales Begin To Lag
The Government Digital Service (GDS) has extended the G-Cloud 5 framework agreement for a further six months to ensure continuity as it develops G-Cloud 7.
Industry And Public Sector Cloud Users Set For Important UK Conference
In the last of our editorial series helping frame the day for 24n readers, we have a quick look at the final agenda to give you some insight into what to expect at The QE II Centre in London in the morning.
Life in The Digital Marketplace, 2: 8x8, Aylesbury
Voice over IP (VoIP) specialist 8x8 Solutions has some thoughts on how G-Cloud has been developing since it joined back on 5.
Life In The Digital Marketplace, 4: Wunder, London
'My top tip is to see G-Cloud not as the marketing front, but as a way of making paperwork easier; you should do your own marketing,' says Alex Blandford of Europe's largest Drupal consultancy, Wunder. Does he have a point?
Life In The Digital Marketplace, 5: Total Intelligence, Newbury
Not every supplier wants to be on every iteration of the CloudStore/Digital Marketplace, it seems.
The Digital Marketplace Contenders, 11: Acunetix, London
'We certainly would like to see G-Cloud evolve further in order for more enterprises - of any size or market - to be able to offer their services to the public sector.' We meet specialist security firm Acutenix to find out more.
The Digital Marketplace Contenders, 12: CIPHR, Marlow
'We had previously been successful in applying for G-Cloud 4, but found the process complex and lengthy and it didn’t always fit with the way in which we described our solutions and structured our pricing and documentation.' So what's made this SME tech firm try again?
The Digital Marketplace Contenders, 4: Cased Dimensions, Belfast
In the latest in our look at new entrants into the UK public sector ICT market - Cased Dimensions, a service management specialist.
The Digital Marketplace Contenders, 5: Destin Solutions, Preston
Find out how an established public sector ICT supplier decided to jump on board the G-Cloud 7 train - partly through the prompting of its own local government customers.
The Digital Marketplace Contenders, 8: Becrypt, London
Available through its partners on the Marketplace since G-Cloud 5, why has the well-known IT security firm moved to a more formal presence on G-Cloud 7?
The Digital Marketplace Contenders, 9: Cloud9, Poole
Is cloud a term with any meaning any more? New G-Cloud-7 entrant Cloud9 says we need to get some quality metrics to help us out a bit more.
Thinking About G-Cloud? Then See You Tomorrow!
'This event is a great opportunity for those who work in public sector IT to share best practice and gain insights from leading industry figures,' says IT managed services leader Advanced 365 of why it's at this year's event.
Why Exactly Do I Need To Go To THINK.Cloud On March 22nd?
"We just don't tolerate boring presentations": Lucy Brown of the company putting on next month's THINK.Cloud For Digital Government explains the unique approach of the THINK Events approach to tech shows.

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