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Drone And Supercomputer Exports Restricted In China Over National Security Fears
The Chinese government has issued restrictions on exporting drones and supercomputers due to concerns over national security.
Google Looking At £12m Fine For Breaking Dutch Privacy Laws
Google could be hit with a £12 million fine from Dutch officials after breaching the country’s online privacy regulations.
Opinion: What's The Best Way Forward Post Safe Harbour Breakdown?
Robert Bath, VP Global Solutions and Tom Kingham, Director Sales Engineering, EMEA at Digital Realty, lays out some options.
Sector Reacts To Sweeping new EU Data Protection Rules
Industry and business reacts to the stringent new regulations.
Uber Could Face Huge Hurdles In London
Documents seen by the Telegraph reveal that London’s transport body is due to consult on new proposals for private hire that could throw more than one roadblock against the car-share service's London ambitions.
Vodafone Wants Tighter Regulations On Openreach
A report into BT’s supposedly inflated return on broadband investment has been labelled by the telecom company as ‘ludicrous.’

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