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App Revnue To Hit £70bn Annually By 2019
By 2019, mobile apps will earn their creators £67 billion every year, new research has shown.
Banks: Massive IT Investment To Address Digital Growth Not Needed
While it’s clear that a number of banks are lumbered with outdated IT, there are technologies available that could revitalise legacy systems without the need for massive investment.
Case Study: The Growth Hub Gets Data Boost From CRM
West Midlands-based public/private partnership the Coventry and Warwickshire The Growth Hub has turned to Microsoft CRM to help it achieve its mission of support for local business, says its Business Information Manager, Jacob Roberts.
EC Wants A Unified Digital Market
Digital technologies are borderless in nature, so it makes no sense for the European Union to impose them, said the European Commission (EC).
Lack Of IT Skills Holding The UK Back
The digital business is blooming worldwide, and Britain is at risk of falling behind due to a dearth of IT skills.
Last Five Years Been Good For UK Tech Sector, Says KPMG
The number of tech-related enterprises in the UK private sector has risen by 31 per cent since 2010, according to the latest KPMG/Markit Tech Monitor UK Survey, for example - just one of many positive metrics.
Sony Unveils New Turnaround Plan
Global tech giant aims to boost its operating profit 25-fold within three years by focusing on its more profitable image sensors, videogame and entertainment businesses.
UK IT Sector's 2015 Best Year Since 2008
The growth of the IT sector in the UK has accelerated to its fastest rate since the end of the recession, according to an analysis by recruiters Nixon Williams.
Windows 10 Adoption Curve may Have Peaked
After the spike Windows 10 experienced in January,  the growth rate of Microsoft’s new operating system in terms of users and usage started to slow down last month, sources show.

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