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"Smartest" Home Security Device Can Detect Intruders Behind Closed Doors
The new home security product is able to detect unusual events all over the house, using machine learning and low frequency sound waves undetectable to human ears.
"The Problem Is, Trust Is Invisible. It's Something We Can't Check On"
Security and data-mining expert Kreshnik Musaraj of Thales spoke about the importance of trust in mobility services. He told a packed hall about the use case of mobility services in France.
"Today, Even Small Businesses Have To Face Truly Global Problems": EU Trust In The Digital World Summit Opens In Vienna
The second annual Trust in the Digital World conference has got off to an impressive start, bringing in leaders from industry, government and digital identity to tackle the problems of the new age.
10 Tips For Protecting Your Most Important Data
For many modern businesses, their data is their most valuable asset. However, these days it seems every morning brings news of another high profile data breach.
18 Month Jail Time In Aviva Hacker Case
Man pleads guilty to carrying out a revenge attack on Aviva, a company that had contracted the firm he ran, after a dispute.
18% Of SMBs Still Using Windows XP
A study carried out by Bitdefender worked out that SMBs are taking huge security risks by continuing to use the out of date operating system that no longer has Microsoft’s support.
2010 Security Breach Only Now Being Revealed By Paddy Power
Online bookies Paddy Power is making an apology to customers who they believe have been affected by a data breach... in 2010.
21% Of Consumers Admit To Never Backing Up Data
A survey by Acronis found that 65 per cent consider the data on a device to be more valuable than the device itself and only 18 per cent are taking advantage of cloud storage.
5% Uptick For UK IT Wages Last Year
Salaries for IT professionals jumped that high, with day rates also jumping three per cent year-on-year, says a news study.
A Fifth Of Brits Never Backup Their Devices
There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who don’t backup their PCs, and those who don’t backup their PCs.
A Platinum Backing For THINK.Cloud For Digital Government
Cloud hoster Memset plans to show how an OpenStack infrastructure will enable delegates to save money, deliver efficiency, work better and deliver best of breed cloud solutions.
A Unified Identity Could Solve Security Issues
Darren Gross from Centrify tells us why the secret to business security is having one, unified identity, and what you can do to stay ahead of regulatory requirements.
Adobe Settles 2013 Data Breach Lawsuit
Adobe has settled customer claims concerning the major data breach which occurred late in 2013, paying out an undisclosed amount to bring the matter to a close.
All Businesses Can Consider These Five Simple IT Security Steps
Natural disasters are forecast to cost a whopping $100 billion (£66 billion) in 2014. But their cost is dwarfed by the $364 billion (£240 billion) lost to data breaches, according to Microsoft and the National University of Singapore.
Americans Taking Action After NSA Surveillance
More than a third of Americans who are aware of Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations have taken at least one step to protect their information.
Amnesty Condemns “Farcical” IPT Hearing
Human rights charity Amnesty International has called last week’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) “farcical” due to government’s refusal to explicitly confirm or deny surveillance practices.
And Now It's British Gas's Turn
Or is it? User information of approximately 2,000 British Gas users were posted online recently, but the company said the information didn’t come from its systems, and that there was no breach. Hmm.
Android Apps Carrying Malware, Warn Experts
Google Play remains a relatively safe environment, though, with the real threats coming from third-party app stores.
Anonymous Proxies Could Prevent A Threat To Your Organisation
Charles Sweeney of Bloxx tells us why the internal threat could be the greatest factor going into the future, and why anonymous proxies could be the most dangerous force for internal threats.
Apple 'New No 1' For Phishing Attacks
A new report from a security body has revealed that the Cupertino firm is now the 'most-phished' brand - with user Apple IDs the primary target.

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