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5% Uptick For UK IT Wages Last Year
Salaries for IT professionals jumped that high, with day rates also jumping three per cent year-on-year, says a news study.
60% Of CEOs And MDs Push SMEs To Move To Cloud
A survey by Cloudamour found that CEOs and MDs are behind a movement that is seeing more companies move to the cloud with 81 per cent now using cloud services in some way.
A Guide To Taking Control Of Your Cloud
No matter what their organisation's definition of the cloud, users need to select infrastructure providers able to make it usable to the everyday business while addressing data sovereignty issues.
Although IT Budgets Are Set To Rise, Recruitment Spending Won't
A new report from Spiceworks has revealed that businesses are spending IT budget on new tech to manage the likes of BYOD, rather than employing new staff members.
Apple CEO Comes Out To Help Widen Acceptance For Others
Tim Cook asks his sexuality not become an unnecessary focus for media attention.
Apprentices Could Fill Private Sector Created IT Gap
A new report has recommended that councils take on IT apprentices to fight the gap created by talent being drawn away into the private sector.
Are CIOs The Driver Of Tech Transformation In The Public Sector?
Just 4.2% of senior public sector staff view their CIO and CTO as the drivers of change within their organisation, according to new research.
Are Poor IT Systems Behind Unpaid Council Tax?
A public sector payments specialist has claimed that local government has a responsibility to offer the widest possible range of payment options if it is to successfully collect all council tax.
Are We Paying For Cloud We're Not Really Using?
“Most public cloud providers offering VM-based cloud services are charging customers for capacity that they aren’t even using." Discuss.
Ark Schools Chooses Civica For IT Contract
Ark Schools, a Trust that built a network of academies offering high quality education to children, has chosen tech firm Civica for a five-year £17m IT contract.
Army Pension Staff Strike Over "Insulting" Pay Rise
The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) has revealed that staff working on providing pensions for the UK's Armed Forces are to strike for five days starting today.
Banks Set To Increase IT Spend
The UK financial sector is set to increase its IT spend in 2014, with a third of firms in the industry stating this as their intention in a new survey.
BBC To Cut Jobs And Merge IT Roles
The BBC has announced that a £150m budget gap in its licence fee incomes will lead to 1000 jobs cuts.
Berners-Lee Wants MPs To Learn Coding
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, claims more politicians need to have coding abilities to effectively legislate on technology.
Big Data “Isn’t Data, It’s Information,” Says IT Director
Charles Ewen, IT director at the Met Office, has claimed the term Big Data is often misleading, as it most often applies to information rather than data.
Big Demand For IT Graduates, Says Job Site
CV-Library, an independent job site, says there were a total of 893 IT jobs for tech graduates in January alone.
Box Heads New Group, Urges Firms To Adopt User-Centric IT Models
The group has put forward a list of five different principles that companies should follow to make sure that they are user centric going forward.
Bring Your Own App Numbers "Hugely Underestimated"
BYOA is a growing phenomenon, much like BYOD – except IT pros don’t realise the extent to which staff are using their own apps in the workplace.
Bring Your Own Identity: The Rise Of The User
Suddenly everyone is at it. Want to connect with the world’s professionals on LinkedIn? You can use your Facebook account to log in if you choose. It’s called "bring your own identity".
BT Cornwall Fined After Failing Council
BT Cornwall has been fined of £100,000 following reports that the state of IT delivery at Cornwall Council had been “generally downward” since the telecoms provider took over.

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